What To Expect After Your First Spray Tan

What To Expect After Your First Spray Tan?

Getting a spray tan in OKC is not as horrendous as sitting under the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It definitely involves getting butt naked in front of professional tanning artists so they can spray your body with a brown liquid but still it’s a quicker, easier and effective way of attaining a naturally tanned glow. As you plan on getting the best natural spray tan, here is all that you can expect after your first tan.

You are foundation free for the next few days.

The main reason behind getting a spray tan is to attain that natural glow. And once you get a tanned glow you would not need a foundation, at least for the next few days. You can stay foundation free and show off your natural glow with a real no makeup look. An organic spray tan in OKC generally lasts for around ten days. These ten days you can completely focus on skin care and pamper your skin in the best possible ways. You can consider getting a spray tan before traveling as that is when you have less time to get ready. By having a natural tan you will not have to carry much makeup.

Clean and hairless body.

As you plan to get a spray tan in OKC, you will have to prepare your body in advance. And this preparation includes cleansing, scrubbing or exfoliating and shaving your body. After you do this you can expect the best results of tan. Your body will glow and shine with smooth and clean texture. You will have no hair on the body and this means you can wear whatever you want without worrying about the skin texture, body hair and skin tone. After tan would be the best time to show off all that you got.

Clothes off.

While the therapist waits for you outside the room, it is when you need to get completely undressed. Yes, we know getting all your clothes off in front of a stranger seems a little daunting but that is how it is supposed to be. To get the best natural spray tan, you need to remove every piece of cloth and jewelry on your body. You can keep your knickers on if you wish to but go for something minimal like wearing a thong so that all you are left with is a white patch underneath. Other than that avoid wearing any jewelry so that you can get evenly tanned all over.

Disposal pants and hair net.

Do not wear anything else but disposal pants after you get done with spray tanning. In case you wore a thong while getting tanned, wear the disposal pants over the thong. Just make sure you have the pants right way around so that you can step into them as soon as the tan session ends. Apart from disposal pantys, you will also need a hair net or turban to protect your locks. These two things will keep your tanning untouched and let it last long. You can also go for sticky feet to step onto. This way you will not get any fake tan on your soles. That’s it. You are ready to step out and face the world with your new skin color.

Decide how deep you wish to go.

Though this is a ‘before tan’ thing, it is highly dependent on your after tan look. For example you are planning a 10 day holiday, you would need a deeper shade of the tan so that it lasts long. If not this you might go for a lighter shade to make your tan look as natural as possible.

Always follow the instructions as suggested by your professional to obtain the best results.


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