What should you eat while using Orlistat or Xenical?

Orlistat is an effective weight loss medication that works by stopping your body’s ability to digest certain fats in your diet.Yet, Orlistat must be taken as part of a healthier lifestyle. You should consume lower in calories, consume more nutritious foods, and exercise regularly during the medication.Suppose you’ve received a prescription for Orlistat and Xenical (the name-brand version). In that case, your doctor will typically advise you about your eating habits. If you’re in search of more diet tips, keep reading.

What should I eat when taking Xenical/Orlistat?

By the Patient Information Leaflet for Xenical. Orlistat for weight loss is recommended as part of a healthy and calorie-controlled diet high in fruits and vegetables.

The goal is to consume about 30 percent of all your energy from fat and spread your consumption of fat and carbs (starchy food items) and protein equally throughout the day, with three meals. Beware of skipping meals and eating snacks between meals (no snacks, pastries, or even nuts!) Also, avoid eating meals in one sitting which are extremely rich in calories.

If I consume excessively fat while taking Orlistat or Xenical?

There is no need to remove all fatty food items when taking Orlistat -, if you are eating a diet that is low in fat, Orlistat won’t work correctly. As time passes, you’ll notice how hidden the fats are. If your intake of fats is excessive, you’ll have an oily stool.

Orlistat is a medication that blocks the digestion of fats from your diet and then releases the fats out into your toilet. This means that consuming excess fat, whether in the whole day or at meals in a particular order, is likely to result in symptoms such as oily or fatty toilets. It is also possible to experience an oily discharge from your rectum and stomach or have to use the bathroom more frequently.

What foods to avoid when taking Xenical/Orlistat?

If you’re unsure of what to eat, talk to your physician about the number of calories you should aim for every day and the types of food choices to choose from.

You can get suggestions and guidance on meal options in this book by Norfolk NHS and this guide from Sheffield NHS. Based on the principles, we’ve put together several meal ideas.


  • Cereal or porridge as well as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk that contains:
  • One glass of unsweetened juice from a fruit
  • Toast or bread and
  • Low-fat spreads and jam or jam or
  • One glass of unsweetened juice from a fruit


Meat, meat substitute fish, low-fat cheese that contains:

  • Salad
  • Jacket potato, bread, or pitta bread
  • Fruit, or diet yogurt

Non-cream soup containing:

  • Toast or bread
  • Salad
  • Fruit, or diet yogurt

Sandwiches containing:

  • Lean meats or eggs boiled
  • Salad
  • Fruit, or diet yogurt


Meat, meat substitute, or fish that contains:

  • Vegetables and salad
  • Potatoes, pasta, rice, or noodles

Can I eat a snack during Orlistat or Xenical?

It’s not recommended to consume food between meals, but when you’re feeling hungry, it’s okay to have a few small, low-fat meals. The best snacks for an Orlistat diet include fruit crackers, biscuits with no flavor and low-calorie hot drinks, and chopped veggies with salsa or tzatziki.

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