Top Picks from Jockey

Top Picks from Jockey

Comfortable outfits are all I personally look for. May it be heavy lehengas or even a pair of shorts; it has to be a comfy piece of cloth. But, when it comes to undergarments, my all-time trustworthy brand is Jockey! The perfect body-hugging fit of the Jockey Brassieres and Boy shorts that I usually use is something I can never get from any other brand.

An excessive number of ladies think beachwear is for other people. Actually, lingerie is for you! Assuming you’ve been stuck in a clothing trench for quite a long time and can’t recall the last time you visited any underwear shop/site, it may very well be an ideal opportunity to find the certainty that comes from the entirely fitted underpants.

Let me give you my top Jockey picks! Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. 

1. Jockey Low Rise Boyshort Panty

That is something I regularly use. However, the V-cut panties literally divide my buttocks into two! And when I was searching for a better option, I found the best. The Jockey Low Rise Boyshort Panty is an absolutely perfect fit for you. It covers all the essentials and is so lightweight that you don’t feel anything! Plus, the hem does not show even in tights!

2. Track Pant for Women with Pocket & Drawstring Closure

It is another comfortable piece of clothing from Jockey. The tracks are suitable for a long run and as a night pant too. They absorb a large amount of Sweat and dry quickly too. There are two colour options in these – Black and Grey. The drawstring closure helps one to wear it as per one’s comfort.

3. Jockey Padded Wired Comfort Bra

There has never been a period that I’ve liked an agreeable bra more than during this “Remain at Home” time. Comfort is *key* consistently, and since the time I got fitted, I’ve gradually gotten rid of my wrong-sized bras for better fitting ones! And that is when I found the Padded and Wired Comfort Bra by Jockey. So finally, I have a Black one that I can wear under a T-shirt or a Dress and run in those as well as sleep comfortably!

4. Relaxed Fit V Neck Half Sleeve T-Shirt for Women

T-shirts are my comfy wear and my first pick every time I go shopping. But, I bought a V-neck t-shirt, and it was so ill-fitted that I gave it away just after using it once. Then I got my hands on the Relaxed Fit V Neck Half Sleeve T-Shirt by Jockey, and I’ve got a pair of 2 since then, which I’ve been regularly using for six months. It didn’t stretch, had no colour loss, retained shape and pure comfort.


5. Jockey Moulded Cup Firm Support Everyday Bra

This Bra that Jockey has come up with is like an entire support system to your breasts. One can experience a lightweight solace of a non-cushioned bra with single-layered texture cups with this Bra. The bra can be worn under a T-shirt too. The straps are broad, and the elastic is strong and thick, which helps the breasts maintain their shape.

So, the above are my top picks from Jockey. Are yours the same?

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