The Outlook of Fashion Over the Years

Fashion is style, image, glamor and beauty. Style trends are in fashion. It makes history over time. It leads to a change in social norms and values. It is more like an embodiment of human development influenced by various rich cultures and civilizations. The basic scheme of the dress is the same. Design styles have changed over the years. There is nothing stereotypical in the making of dresses. A mix of different cultures can be seen in the design of the clothes.

The western world witnessed many changes with the riots in the European countries, later the change was also followed by the Asian countries. In India, people were far from being fashion conscious. Only people from the highest strata of society, such as royalty and celebrities, could think about fashion. But now that the transformation of society is so dramatic and fast that fashion as a whole has not only changed the perspective of society, but also changed and influenced the thinking and opinion of each individual.

Around the world, fashion has become a statement. Young and old spread fashion. It has become a matter of nostalgia. Changes in history have changed the colors, texture and patterns of a fabric. Clothes are now thinner and available in different textures and qualities. People of different status could afford to buy them. This change was brought about by the change in technology, which took place on a global scale.

Role of the media in fashion

The media has also played a role in changing people’s allegiance to fashion. The media came into play from the 1980s. The film and music industry flourished greatly. MTV, Channel V and many other television channels have played a huge role in changing teen fashion. Actors and actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, etc. have had their influence on the world. Accessories such as hats, jackets, shoes, dresses, skirts, stockings, etc. carried by the actors were followed. Even celebrity hairstyles have become fashionable.

Fashion accessories have influenced every individual. Shoes, bags, sunglasses, watches, bracelets, etc. conceptualized fashion. The common man on the street, in every community and society, regardless of norms and values, has dared to experiment with his own fashion. Children these days are also showing off their keen sense of sight by wearing accessories. The production of textile variations in a short period of time and the change in machinery technology influenced fashion in many ways.

fashion in universities

Fashion is now an integral part of our educational system. With many opportunities at hand, students choose to graduate from fashion institutes around the world. Designing clothes and creating trends has become an achievement in itself. The options are so vast that after graduation, they can choose to become a fashion designer or work for a fashion company as freelancers in whatever field they specialize in. The compensation packages offered to freshmen are big enough to attract them. Students are ready to work hard to establish themselves in the fashion industry. Students are enthusiastic about learning from famous designers like Gucci, Valentino, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, etc. It is a trusted source for freshmen.

Impact on society

21st century fashion has become bold and beautiful. It has a very strong impact on the behavior and personality of adolescents. Every individual would like to keep up with the trend in this period no matter what budget they have. Through the use of strong and vibrant colors, the use of props for the situation has increased among students. Fashion is very present, whether in India or in Western countries. It will always have a strong impact on all sectors of society and communities in general.

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