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Rajputi dress – Traditional wedding Rajasthani poshak for women


We all know that Rajasthan possesses a very rich culture, with its Majestic Forts, Big Palaces, with festivals which are very colorful and joyful, they also have a rich cuisine, tasty dishes.

Along with that they are acquainted with Performing Arts and also tops all the states for their Traditionality because of the costumes that they wear.

The Traditional Dresses that they wear are not only colorful and well-designed but are also a matter of pride of the Rajasthani People.

So, here in this article, I will be talking about the Rajputi Dress or so-called Royal Traditional Rajputi Dress that they wear.

Rajputi Dress for Ladies

If I would begin with the Rajputi Dress that Women wear, then it goes like this-

They love to wear the Traditional Dress called Ghaghra, Choli, and they are popularly referred to as Kurti and odhni.

Ghaghra is the Rajputi Dress which they weave with a rich work of embroidery that goes full length along with the pleated skirt.

The Ghagra comes with a lot of colors and fabrics which has a lot of varieties, including georgette, crepe, cotton, and silk.

There are a lot of prints – but Laheria and bandhej, chundri, and mothra are the most popular.

To signify the Royalty of the dresses that they wear, some borders are there which imply significant royal heritage to the dress.

One such work is the Gotapatti Work of Jaipur.

About Rajsthani Kurti, Kanchi, or Choli

The Top part of the dress includes Kurti, Kanchi, or referred to as Choli.

These are also very colorful and very much carefully designed, with minor details, and are then shaped as per the requirements of the Customers.

They are Royal in themselves, but to give a more detailed and ethnic look, mirror works are also done.

The odhni, or chunar, is a long cloth, with a length measuring up to 2.5 meters and having a width of 1.5 meters, and is worn in the form of a veil.

This one is made with a light or a patched fabric with amazing embroidery work, beadwork, and others.

You can wear it in different ways, as per your wish, but the most trending and traditional way of wearing this odhni is tucking the one part of the odhni inside the ghagra and tucking the other end in the middle portion on the chest, and you can drape your head with the rest part of it.

Thus the Rajputi Dress and the accessories represent the rich culture of Rajasthan.

Traditional Accessories that Women wear

The Women wear necklaces like the Jadau Sets, which are huge ones, made beautifully, with the chokers and another great accessory is the Rani Haar which is the most popular. It’s so big that it reaches the belly button.

Women wear these on special occassions and those from Higher Classes wear this type of ornament.

The Women who belong to Tribal groups like Bhili, Meena, or Garasia mostly wear Brass, silver, or any metal ornament, especially of white color.

Earings, referred to as Kaanbali, Nosepins called as Nathan, Armlets called as Bajubandh, belly or waist chains called as tagdi or kadhai, anklets are known as Payal, bichuwa – they also wear finger rings, and this is the complete set of all accessories that Rajasthani Women wear.

Rajputi Dress for Men

The Rajasthani Men wear the Traditional Outfit known as dhoti and angarkha or wear the pajama-kurta.

The Dresses And Ornaments For Men

The Dhoti is essentially a long piece of cloth that is tied to the waist and they wrap it in between the legs in the form of a loincloth.

It is matched with the angarkha, which is a robe that resembles the inner panel with certain decorations and is used to cover the chest. However, High-Class Men generally wear this type of Clothing.

But, now as days are passing, the tribal and other associated groups are advancing themselves and wearing these types of clothing on special occasions. However, the lengths of this clothing for both classes vary.

The Rajputs who belong to the Royal Class wear this kind of Angarkha which is flared and of ankle length.

But the Tribal Groups prefer to wear the angarkhas up to the knee.

As for going out every day, Men prefer to wear Angara. Which is of a shorter length and has laces to tie them, without any button.

Now, talking about the Pajama.

The Pajama is like Track pants, and to give comfort, it is made with cotton.

To pair with it is the Kurta or mufti which is a loose shirt.

Generally from the Traditional times, the Rajasthani Men prefer to wear this Pair up to the knees. But now they have their own choices on deciding that up to which length they would like to wear.

Still, the dress is not yet complete. The Rajasthani Men have to wear the Pagri to complete their dress up. The Pagri is also called as the Turban and is generally two meters long and 0.2 meters wide.

As it is, the Pagri also has many color options, sizes and Men wear them to show their honor and pride towards their Culture.

How the men wear the Pagri also signifies to which section of the caste they belong.

The pagris which are shorter and well decorated are known as safas, and they have their special presence during weddings.

So this was the general overview of the Rajputi Dress of Men.

Men’s traditional accessories

As women wear jewelry to complete their dressup, men also do the same.

They wear the round-shaped balis which are the ear studs and they also wear neckpiece that has crystals.

They wear those neckpieces which are made of precious stones.  The men who belong to Affluent families also wear the Kamar bandh or the waistbands and wear the patka. Which hangs from the shoulder to show the Men’s honor.

The Importance of Rajputi Poshaks in Indian Culture

If you are talking about the current culture of the dresses that Rajasthani people wear,  then I would like to say that the  Gota Patti Rajputi Poshak is a very popular one, which is currently being trendy among the Rajasthanis.

In other states of India, today’s generation is trying to imitate the fashion of Traditionality with a touch of modernity as well.

So, many designers are working out to give a highly glamourous look to the Rajasthani Poshaks which gives the light of Traditionality along with contemporary getup.

Style sense reflects the fashion that the people like for themselves.

The way you will carry a dress displays that style that is completely yours. And if it is unique then the crowd will have the complete attention on you.

So, the Fashion Experts are mixing up the different styles both from the Traditionality and from contemporary.

The Fusion Fashion

Fusion Fashion is going popular among the Youths and Western Culture is influencing the Indians.

So, many are trying to imitate the Rajputi Dress and the Rajasthani Culture.

The Women and the girls are following this Fashion Trend.

Fusion Fashion is thus that fashion that enhances your style statement and also you can have that fashion within your budget.

Thus Fusion Fashion is going on in trend, and it is also attractive on occasions like parties or Weddings.

Traditional Wedding Rajputi Dress for Women

  1. Kanchali

Kanchali is the upper part of the dress that the Bride wears and is a part of the Rajputi Dress.

The Kanchali has the mirror work, has the Gotta Patti fashion which  is acquainted with beads and corals with mirror work that enhances the traditionality within this outfit.

  1. Kurti:

Kanchi accompanies this part of the dress. Kurti is a sleeveless garment in general.

  1. Ghagra:

Ghagra is the long skirt that the Rajasthani Women wear.

It comes in the form of a pleated skirt.

Ghagra has embroidery work within it.  The Ghagra comes in different forms and colors, prints and sizes.

  1. Odhani:

This is a long piece of cloth that is essentially transparent and is made with mild material.

This also has embroidery work and also has the zari work, and embellishment to make it the best choice for marriage.

The Bride’s Getup

The Rajputi Bride generally wears a Royal Rajputi Poshak, also known as the Bridal Dress for the Wedding Ceremony and they wear generally the red colour.

But there are also other color options like orange, yellow or pink poshaks.

And as jewelry was mentioned, the bride wears some sort of gorgeous jewelleries.

The headgear is known as Rakhdi, the Sheesphul or the neck hanging, hanging earrings,  the Chooda, the elbows wear the baseband and they wear the thick bangles on the arms and the nose is ornamented with a nose stud.

Best Place To Buy?

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