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Makeup Essentials For Your Handbag

Do you have all the right makeup essentials in your bag? If not, you need to pack up some must-haves in your bag for every season and every reason. Women who spend most of the day outside their homes must maintain their handbag well so that they don’t have to hit the cosmetic store every time they need something. Some simple tips can help you keep your make up essentials in the right way in your handbag and be organized whenever you are out of your home.

Shine every hour with mirror:

This is something that can found in almost a woman’s handbag. A mirror is highly essential for any handbag, whether you go on work or go out shopping. It ensures that you are confident about your look everywhere. Next time you hit the store, pick up some pocket-sized mirrors. Put them in each of handbags, so that you never miss it.

Wipe offs for a cleaner look:

This is also the major reason for the eruption of pimples. It is easy to keep wipe-offs in the market with special soothing flavors like mint, cucumber, and Aloe-Vera. Buy anything that suits your skin and keep it at all times in your handbag.

Eye Makeup Kit for Your Handbag:

When you jump from one meeting to another, your eye makeup must look sorted out and in place. Take some time and put a few essentials in your handbag. This includes eyeliner, kohl pencil, and mascara. When you are in a hurry, sometimes using a simple Kohl lining with a little dabbing of mascara will do the trick. If you like detailing spydialer, you can also keep an eye-shadow, preferably in neutral colors. All of these are easy to carry and can be used even traveling in the car.

The Right Lip Colors and Gloss:

Anyone can fall for kissable lips. Whenever you step out of your home, ensure that packed up your handbag with lip glosses of different colors. If you don’t want to pile up, keep a branded nude gloss along with one or two loud colors.

If you have a wheatish complexion, keep some chocolate shades or pastels. People who have white skin can play with reds, pinks, virtually everything. Pep up your lips every time you feel you have lost the shine. Use roll-on glosses for faster n easier use.

Hair Brush for the most organized look

Most women who keep their hair open comp-lain that gets tangled every hour. That is why a hairbrush is essential in your bag. Keep a comb of you have heavy hair, else a simple brush with a firm grip will do the trick. Do not buy large brushes; instead, keep it small so that you can use it with style everywhere you go.

Perfumes and Fragrances:

This is another makeup essential in your bag. You can turn off anyone with bad body smell, so keep deodorants and perfumes handy. If you think perfume bottles are too huge to carry, go to your cosmetic store and ask for miniatures. To cater more people, perfumes are often available in smaller sizes and you can keep one or two in your handbag for office and casual outings.

Sunscreen to Save Your Skin

Sun rays can damage your skin, sometimes irreversibly. That is why you must keep sunscreen handy at all times. Use SPF 40 or more for summers to apply all over your body very generously. Buy small-sized containers for lesser space coverage and it’s easier to carry.

Cleansing Milk and Face Wash:

You ought to wash in your bag at all times. If your skin is dirty and needs some freshness, wash your face. If you want to avoid using water, keep some cotton and use cleansing milk instead. You can clean your face on the move and keep your face fresh and glowing.

Right Compact and Foundation

Your makeup needs the right base whenever you retouch your face. Foundations are great in the cool breeze of winters when the humidity is less. In summers using foundations in the open might call for more sweating. Use compact to cover the sweat and make your makeup look fresh and new. Always keep these two in your bag and buy only branded products that suit your skin.

A Good Sanitizer for All Times:

Germs can harm your skin especially when you are in crowded places. There are many easy and quick-to-dry sanitizers in the market and having one of them in your handbag is an unavoidable essential. Use it every time you feel you have contacted a dirty place and have visited common washrooms.

Other Important Essentials:

If you love keeping your handbag completely perfect, you need to have a few more things. This includes a nail clear and filer, astringent and moisturizer. A good moisturizer might not be as necessary for your face but it is highly essential for your hands and legs, mostly in winters.

Keep a handkerchief always in your bag and at least one or two clutches/ clips. You can’t keep your hair open all the time, so pin-up whenever you feel like 3ds emulator. Your handbag stays with you all the while and so always make sure that you keep an eye on what is in it. You already have the list of essentials, if you think your bag is missing something, get it at the earliest.

The way you look tells people how much you take care of yourself, so be ready for any occasion with elegance. These makeup essentials in your handbag will ensure that no matter what occasion or meetings crop up the last moment, you are ready to welcome it with all perfection.

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