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A Lahore primarily based fashion designer, wants Pakistanis to dresses like Halima Sultan dress, one of the leading roles in Dirilis Ertugrul. Inspired using this individual, Rabia has launched her state-of-the-art clothing line, and those can’t forestall admiring her work.

She stated in her interview with SAMAA, “I commenced my enterprise after burning all the boats to fulfill my ardor” Investing all her financial savings, it took her three years to make a name for herself. “One component that I even have discovered in these years is to in no way surrender because it is up to God whom he desires to give honor to,” said the clothier.

After hearing lots about the drama, Ertugrul Ghazi, to begin with, began looking out of interest. “With each episode, my interest grew, and that inspired me to pay tribute to Halima dress image through designing an apparel line inspired through her style,” shared Kashif.

Halima sultan dress inspired clothing

Designer Rabia remarked that she didn’t do additional research for her Halima Sultan dress price in india line; all the designs were made simply by looking at the drama. “I didn’t consider something special, but when I commenced running, I was given better on my own, ” she said.

Kashif had never been supposed to make an income out of her apparel line. “I designed these garments simplest to spotlight and pay tribute to Turkish tradition,” stated the clothier.

She similarly said that it was her precise fortune that she met the version Hina Afridi who performed an extraordinary role in modelling for the gathering.

“Afridi became the best preference for the shoot proper after I met her,” she shared. “I had no concept that I would get a face this much like Halima Sultan.” After launching the apparel line, many human beings approached Kashif and advised that Afridi looks like Halima Sultan (Esra Bilgiç).

Paying tribute to the gathering and inspired by way of Kashif’s views, Afridi did now not charge a single penny for the shoot.

Moderate outfits hurt many Pakistani men in Halima sultan dress

Any instance of Muslim women carrying exceptionally moderate outfits hurts many Pakistani men, particularly an icon who’s the wife of an acclaimed Islamic warfare hero (even though it is a drama)

Male Social Media customers from Pakistan chant Astaghfirullah as they see the actress without hijab

Astaghfirullah why Pakistani men now hate Ertugrul’s Halima Sultan.

Ertugurl is a famous Turkish drama. It glorifies the favourite hero of Islamic history. The show is primarily based on the history of Muslim Oghuz Turks and takes region inside the thirteenth century. It centres across the lifestyles of Ertugrul, who turned into the father of Osman-I. He becomes the founding father of the Ottoman Empire.

Esra Milgic is the lead actress inside the serial. She is wife of Ertugrul and the mom of Gündüz Alp, Savci Bey and Osman Gazi I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. Further, Esra is the daughter of Shahzad Numan, a member of the royal own family and niece to Sultan Alaeddin Halima Sultan’s dresses design. She became the headmistress of the Kayı tribe after Ertuğrul became the leader of the Kayı.

The actress fought against many enemies in conjunction with her husband. She is also very loyal to her husband and his motive. Moreover, she changed into very valiant and frequently fought along with her family, which will defend her tribe. She dies rapidly after giving birth to Osman.

Who is Esra Bilgic in Halima Sultan dress

Esra Bilgic is a Turkish actress and model. Born on 14 October 1992, the 27-year antique version portrayed as Halima Hatun in the historic journey tv-series Ertugrul.

Esra Bilgiç began a relationship with an expert Turkish footballer, Gokhan Tore, in 2014. The couple had married on 21 October 2017 and divorced on 17 June 2019. She studied the issue of “International Relations” at Bilkent International University, Istanbul, and is currently reading law at İstanbul Şehir University.

As Esra covers her frame in full-frame gets dressed inside the drama, it is difficult for Pakistani men to accept her in a western outfit Alima sultan dress . This is because she performs the function of the spouse of an Islamic warrior, and consequently, there is an impression for these guys approximately the twelfth-century attire for girls.

A collection of feedback begins pouring in as she places up this image. The social media customers start to show disbelief how their preferred celebrity may want to position such an image. One user posts a protracted be aware. “Where is Halima Sultan? I noticed the day before today nighttime while Tangut stuck her,” he provides. He additionally recommends that she must take a u-turn and take a hijab.

Netizens Trolled Nida Yasir For Copying Halima Sultan

Nida Yasir is the lovely and gifted anchor of Pakistan. Her claim to repute task was her own manufacturing sitcom drama Naadaniyan Haleema sultan dress. However, she has started comparing nearly a decade ago, and now she has grown to be a famous name within the subject of anchoring and hosting.

Nida Yasir is doing Shaan -e- Suhoor on Ary Digital in Ramadan, wherein she dresses up so well. She has changed her fashion of dressing as nicely.

This time Nida dressed up in Pashtoon apparel, which is quite similar to vintage Turkish attire. Now the viewers relate that arise with Turks after looking at Ertugrul. Halima dress the beautiful and traditional tribal clothing with such elegance that it has emerged as her style declaration in India.

Netizens trolled Nida Yasir to copy Halima Sultan;

they said her nearby Halima Sultan and named her Halima Multan. Some also stated,” When you order Halima Sultan from Daraz, right here are the remarks of humans.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Halime Pattern?

Halime Pattern is a duplicate of the conventional Turkish dress worn with the aid of Halime Sultan in Season-1 of the famous Turkish drama Dirilis Ertugrul.

Does it include the cap and other add-ons proven within the photo/video?

The basic package comes with Top, Bottom, Jacket & Belt.

Cap is also available and must be bought one by one.

 How can I buy it?

You should purchase it thru online shop  you can go to our save at the mentioned cope with sultan clothes 
. Alternatively, you may additionally touch us at the referred to smartphone/cellular numbers.

how many sizes are available ertugrul clothing ?

S, M, L, XL, & XXL. For a distinctive description of the sizes, please click on the size links on ertugrul clothing

I need to shop for it right away. Can you ship it correctly out?

Due to covid restrictions, we’re unable to function at complete capability. So please visit any online store  halima sultan dresses
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What if I don’t like it after purchase? Can I go back to my purchase?

You can go back to the product within two days of receiving it. Refund might be provided after careful inspection of the product at our give up.

How tons time will it take to reach the product?

Once an order is located efficiently, the product may be shipped within two days. However, after it’s far shipped, it commonly takes 2-7 days to supply across India.

Do you offer international delivery?

Yes. Please contact us on the cited WhatsApp/Mobile range to realize transport costs for your united states.

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