Different ways to celebrate a wedding ceremony in the United Kingdom

A wedding ceremony is very special – for the couple and often for relatives and close friends. The couple is taking a step into a new life full of possibilities and friends and relatives want to wish them the best. Most couples invite people close to them to bear witness to their union. The wedding can be registered by two signatures, but the ceremony could be anyway you can imagine. Here are some ways to celebrate a wedding ceremony in London.

Scottish convention

You could shake up things a bit and go with a Scottish wedding. Although not too different from an English wedding, a Scottish one has certain aspects that vary. You could incorporate the customary dress – Kilt and the Lang Reel – a type of dance. The wedding march and Scottish Quaich could also be incorporated into the festivities to bring in a fresh change and enjoyment.

Add some adventure

Some couples choose to add some adventure to their wedding ceremonies. One couple decided to do a bungee-jump wedding so they could “take the plunge”. The bride had a dress that could accommodate the harness and then had a quick ceremony. Then the couple jumped and completed the whole ceremony as is. Guests can watch and then have a reception-picnic in the open with food and drinks.

The traditional English way

You could have a traditional English wedding with a mass in church and guests in attendance. The white dress, bridesmaids, wedding ring exchange, cake and bouquet toss – all of the traditions could be incorporated in your wedding in the United Kingdom. Wedding rings hatton garden are some of the best options for couples to check out for the rings. A lot of wedding planners have a varied list of service providers and locations that can help you organize well.

Out in the ocean

If you are in a dilemma about the wedding location, then you can do it on the seas. Especially, if you have relatives spread out all over the world and you want to have them in one place – try the ocean. One couple decided to get married out in the ocean between two countries, where their relatives are. You can charter a boat or get on a cruise and have someone solemnize your wedding. One couple had the ship captain solemnize their wedding, right in the midst of the ocean.

Doing what you love

Some couples may want to choose a wedding ceremony that involves elements of whatever they like doing the best. One couple got married while running a marathon because that is what they loved doing together. Another couple invited close to 30 guests to go on a hike up a hill. The guests hiked with the couple and then they got married on top. This was done to create a one-of-a-kind experience and the couple could do what they loved, what brought them closer.

Brewery wedding

One thing that is in abundance in the UK is – breweries. You can find one everywhere and they are open for tours or sampling. If you love your drink and want to create a unique ceremony, you could get married at a brewery. An area could be booked for guests and, of course, the right barrels of the drink to be served right at the origin.

Couples can also try destination weddings and have meaningful engagement rings London to match with the wedding and make it exciting.

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