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Dangri Dress  have got the name from the Dongari Kapar, which is a village near the harbor in Mumbai in India which specialized in the manufacturing of calico, the essential material for the making of the dangri cloth.

The Hindi name that this cloth got is called dungri”.

And as people called it, it got an extra syllable resulting in the spelling which is finally “dungaree.”

Though it is revealed that the Dungaree has got its origin long back in History since 1605.

As Dangri dress was very cheap and it was also durable, England welcomed its import to their country as well.

The cloth was also indigo-dyed often and it was also used in the purpose of ships and also the farmers used to wear this while working in the fields.

But as we know, there comes the transformation of everything, so dungaree also transformed itself from being called a cloth to a style of overalls where you will wear a trouser and hold up the trouser with the help of shoulder straps.

Dangri dress History

As I said after research, Dangri dress has its origin long back from the 17th century, during the First World War, women exclusively wore them to protect themselves from oil and grease, as they worked in the factories in large numbers.

Dangri dresses  are having so much popularity even now because they are comfortable, durable, and very light.

So, initially People wore Dangri Dress as a means of protection from bad weather or anything. But gradually it became a style – commonly referred to as a pair of trousers worn on top of a dress.

The Dangri dress was  originally made of denim, but they can be weaven with the help of corduroy or chino cloth. Properly, the dangri dress that we wear now was invented in the 1890s by Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis at Levi Strauss & Co., but those were different than the ones that we have got in the present. Initially, they were used as a means of protection, but now they have emerged as the dress of high fashion.  Many High Fashion Brands have been making the Dangris, and they are very trending in today’s era.

The Characteristics of Dangri Dress:

Let us look into the variety of  features of a Dangri dress:

  1. The classic Dangri dress is made with a skirt or trousers on the bottom and there we have a bib with shoulder straps to hold the dress as a  means of style.
  2. As we know that denim is a thick fabric, even calico is also of that category, which is used for making this dress.
  3. How are the straps fastened? Well, they have clips or buttons on the two sides of the bib to help in this purpose.
  4. The Dangri dress also has two pockets on both sides.
  5. Modern Dangri dresses are equipped now with all sorts of bottom wear like shorts, three-fourths, or minis.
  6. The dangri dresses are comfortable for slim figures.

However, you can find various types of dungarees like slim, maternity, plus-size for suiting your requirement.

Some good collections of Dangri Dress for Women in Trend:

In this list, you can look for some amazing collections of Dangri Dresses for Women.

1. Long Dangri Dress made of Denim

This one, the first category that I am talking about in this article is ideal for outdoor trips. You can look for a  classic dark blue  Dungaree made of denim with characteristic features like a stretchable fabric that moves freely the way you want to carry it. The idea of the dress is that it might have a pocket on the bib with metallic buttons on its sides and straps. As Dungaree itself is so classy, it will add a playful look to your fashion sense. This can get matched with any dress or top you wish to wear from your wardrobe.

Design of the dress: Denim Dungaree, essentially of dark blue color.

Fabric used in this case: Denim

It will suit the Slim Body type

You can wear this dress during any Sports event or your college days.

You can wear this dangri dress with any top of your choice.

Don’t wear many ornaments with this kind of dress, but you can wear very thin metallic jewelry.

2. Floral Plazo Dangri Dress:

This category of the dangri dress for women can give you both the vibes of traditionality and modernity. You can enjoy the floral style with this dungaree, being its design, and along with that if you like a dungaree like a plazo, you can get both of them within the same dress. You can pick this for any festive season where you wish to go.

Design and color:  Pink / Purple Dungaree, printed in floral structure.

Fabric used: Cotton

The occasion in which you can wear: Festivals, Ethnic Celebrations

Wear With a plain top, with not many designs.

You can wear some Boho Accessories along with this outfit.

3. Dangri Dress which will be shorter in size

This is another level of style of wearing a short dungaree. Apart from having just simple denim, you can have this short-sized dungaree with floral print all over its body.  You can have a button that will close yourself , placed at the centre and also have a waistband leading to a classic style. It’s bound that everybody gonna look at you amidst the whole crowd of people.

Design or color: Blue or white floral printed short dungaree

Fabric used: Denim

You can wear this one if you have a slim figure. It will suit you well.

You can wear this if you have a trip with your friends.

Be comfortable while wearing this dress with a crop top or a plain T-Shirt.

Wear very light jewelry matching the dress’s fashion sense.

4. Dangri Dress for Maternity

When you are pregnant, you can show off people the cute baby bump that you have with this super-designed Dungaree. Even during pregnancy, you can get tons of compliments for your good sense of fashion. Since the dangri has the adjustable straps, as the size of your baby bump changes, you can adjust them freely.

Design or color: Colour Printed Maternity Dungaree

Fabric used: Polyester

This is specially designed for Pregnant Women

You can wear it in any type of casual outing.

You can wear it with any type of plain shirt like a black colored t-shirt.

5. Another new fashion – the ripped dangri dress

This can be the one that will give you some sporty vibes. This can come in all sorts of colors – but navy blue denim will be the ideal one for this type of ripped denim. Since this is ripped,  your knees will have a very good exposure and will give you a playful look. Of course, you will have adjustable straps, and along with that, you can also have a waistband.

Design: Navy blue dungarees which will have ripped fashion.

Fabric used: Denim

This can suit the Petite body type.

You can wear it on any casual occasion.

It suits the best with white t-shirts.

Wear good, stylish white sneakers to match this look.

6. Dangri Dress that comes in the embroidered version

This is more popularly valuable as embroidery, ideal for street walks. Denim having prints on it has high demand in the market.  As you know, that Embroidery comes with beautiful work by threads, and that will come equipped with your denim. So, you should look around this one if you are a dungaree lover.

Design and color:  You can have a short dungaree, having the color light blue or navy blue.

Fabric used mainly: Denim

You can wear this if you have a petite body type.

If you are planning to have a walk in the streets , then definitely go for this one.

Wear this one with floral printed shoes. This is a tip for you!

Some Trendy Dungaree Designs for Kids:

So the best collections you can think about are :

1. Dungaree Dress for Girls:

You can have a cute Dungaree for your kid, which will be designed with some cartoons or anything of the like that entertains them. For the little ones, you can have this dungaree with cotton fabric, so that they feel at ease while wearing it.

Design:  The dungaree is to be equipped with fashionable and kid favorable designs.

Fabric used: Cotton

You can wear it every day

You can wear it with a printed t-shirt

2. Have a Dangri Dress equipped with straps

The color pink is always favorable for kids. Its soft color delights their mind. The denim dungaree has pockets on either side, with pockets even at the back.  You can make your kid wear this dungaree, with adjustable straps, for easing them whenever in need.

Design: Dungaree Dress with straps, and essentially being pink in color.

Fabric used: Cotton Lycra

It’s casual wear. You can make your kid wear it anytime.

You can give some matching accessories to your girl to match this style sense.

3. Printed Dungarees for Girls

This type will be very playful for your girl. The printed dungaree will give your girl a very elegant look. You can try this out definitely if you are looking for giving your girl a smarter look right away.  Even you will find an adjustable waistband, to give your girl the best fit.

Design: Any colored Printed Dungarees

Fabric used: Cotton Lycra

Occasion: Casual, everyday wear

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