Cartilage Earrings Types

Cartilage Earrings Types and Styling Guide for Every Woman

Cartilage earrings are worn on any part of the ear except the lobe. These earrings are different from the regular ones in several ways. They are thinner and shorter than regular earrings because of the smaller spaces around the upper part of the ears.

Bespoke jewelers and body jewelry specialists have successfully caught onto the growing trend of these earrings. They have created an assortment of exclusive styles one can wear in their cartilage.

Before getting on to the styles, let’s learn more about the different types of cartilage earrings:

Hoop Earrings

These have smaller diameters to perfectly fit into tight spaces in the upper part of the ear. You can find them plain, patterned, and studded with stones. They are suited for all cartilage piercings except the outer conch, orbital, auricle, and rook.

Captive Bead Earrings

These are hoops with the design focus on the middle part, and captive beads are used to highlight this design focal point. However, the modern designs in this category also feature metal work and exquisite soldering.

Labret Posts or Studs

Labret studs are the same as the earrings worn in the lobes but come with a flat back and are shorter for added comfort. You can find them in varied designs and quirky shapes featuring precious stones and even plain metal.

Dangling Cartilage Studs

These are the same as regular studs or posts but feature small dangling charms in front. These earrings come with post fixtures that secure them to the upper part of the ear.

Wide Cartilage Studs

They are the best choice for individuals who prefer wearing several earrings but want just one piercing. That’s because they showcase long crawling designs that look the same as multiple piercings. Get them for the piercings on your upper and outer ear and make a statement wherever you go.

Cartilage Shields

These are the same as cuffs but tend to be more secure. You can wear them along the helix because they do not slip off easily.

Cartilage Chains

They are two different earrings, hoops, or Diamond nose rings connected to a designer chain, and this style works best on the exterior ear piercing.

Circular, Straight, and Curved Barbells

These are posts or studs specifically designed to highlight both ends. One end features a ball, charm, or stone, while the other end has a threaded ball.

Styling Your Cartilage Earrings

Nowadays, cartilage earrings are not just for the bold and the edgy but for everyone. Those in minimalist designs, like the fine hoops or the bar studs, are perfect for adding a touch of glimmer to your outfit for the day without changing your overall appearance too much.

The captive bead cartilage earrings are perfect for carrying a Bohemian look that is typically exotic, unexpected, and layered. You can also carry an exceptionally elegant look by choosing a single cartilage baby pearl or classic diamond stud.


Cartilage earrings are the way to go for women and even men looking to make a stylish and bold statement while keeping their overall appearance refined. These earrings will have heads turning towards you, provided you pair them well with the right outfit.

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