Carry Puff Sleeved Dresses Without Looking Like A Pirate

Carry Puff Sleeved Dresses Without Looking Like A Pirate: 4 Tips

Life is too short to wear boring sleeves! 

Call them puffy sleeves, balloon sleeves, bishop sleeves, or whatever – this voluminous statement sleeve style from the 80s is the most amazing fashion trend that seems to be staying for long. From runways and red carpets to the wardrobe of ordinary fashionistas, they are everywhere. 

In fact, many renowned fashion designers, such as Mac Duggal and others, passionately favor the trend of puffy sleeves with an extra hint of glam. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Not to mention – there is something really sweet and playful about wearing a designer dress with puffed sleeves. If you are all drama, you can’t say no to it. 

But how do you pull off such a chic sleeve style without flaw? Don’t worry; we’ve already sorted this out for you!

Let’s talk about some of the best tips & tricks on how to style puffy-sleeved dresses without looking like a pirate:

  • Texture Is Your BFF

Carrying something as voluminous as puffy sleeves is quite a challenge for most girls. But if you know how to balance it out with the right texture, it’s all fun, then.

Choose heavy fabric, as it will lessen the flounce of the puffy sleeves. Organza or structured cotton sleeves are the perfect examples; they are stiff and sit right on your shoulders, meaning you don’t have to look like a mussed-up sailor. You can easily get the *one* from the collection of Mac Duggal dresses on sale online. 

  • Balance Out With Bold Prints

Bold prints with bold puffed sleeves – does it sound way too much to you? But in reality, it’s not! Instead, they are an unexpected combination that works like a wonder, especially for curvy fashionistas.

Puffed sleeves in combination with bold prints, like floral and polka dots, recenter the focus on your dress as a whole, resulting in a balanced look. Peep into this floral puffed sleeve prom gown from the Mac Duggal dress collection for proof. 

  • Choose Sheer Fabric For Subtle Option

Maybe you’re enthusiastic about jumping on the puffy sleeve trend but don’t want bulkiness on your shoulder. In that case, a puffy-sleeved designer dress or gown with sheer fabric is the key. 

The reason is: transparent fabric creates a gentle outline of puffy sleeves, as opposed to the massive volume on your upper arms. The overall look will then be less intense and more subtle.

  • Jumpsuit Tons Down The Volume 

Jump up with joy because jumpsuits are there to even out all the volume on your upper arms. Not only this, they add a powerful vibe to your personality, which is seamless for any mood, day, or event. So, are you ready to boss around with your super fantastic fashion statement?

Puffed up sleeves are a true aesthetic! And now that you know how to carry the trend with perfection, wait no more and play with this statement style to be the ultimate power girl. Make sure to browse through the Mac Duggal dress collection for exclusive styles and prints. 

Just puff up your prettiness, girl!


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