Boycott Fast fashion and create your fashion sense

Boycott Fast fashion and create your own fashion sense

The fashion industry is ever-changing and is bringing in new trends every day. With changes in the fashion industry, our culture is also changing, leading to replacement as the latest trend.  

Nowadays, the retailers make clothes that are designed to get worn out after a certain period to introduce the new range in the market. 

It involves conditioning the customers in such a way that they get the best price and buy into this model. This cycle keeps on going keeping this trend alive. 

The real side of fast fashion

Fast fashion is referred to these huge brands available in the market that introduce considerable collections in the market quickly, making the previous fashion updated. 

These new introductory are offered at rock bottom prices and simultaneously get the Instagram influencers boosting the consumer demand.  

Every year in the UK, almost 300,000 tonnes of clothes are dumped in the landfill every year. This is due to the ever-increasing and changing demand for clothes in the market. 

These fast fashion brands produce almost 500 pieces of garments in a minute, but they are not selling them simultaneously. Instead, they charge hefty prices. 

Ways to fight against fast fashion

  • Go for a rented or a second-hand outfit

Apart from buying clothes, you can satiate your fashion desire by renting or getting a second-hand outfit. Along with your outfit, you can also rent your footwear and accessories. 

To boycott fast fashion, renting or buying second-hand clothes is the best way. You can get second-hand clothes from the high streets, or you can check out the vintage shops to buy your fashion. 

  • Outfit repetition

Along with OOTD (outfit of the day), another term is trending in the parallel world, i.e., OOOTD (old outfit of the day). 

Many slow fashion activists create awareness for OOOTD and also motivate people to repeat their outfits often. Instead of buying new clothes every season, you can repeat your old clothes generate a fashion statement with them. 

You can check various hashtags relating to OOOTD on Instagram and other social media platforms.    

  • Buy for longer life

If you are planning to buy something, instead of buying it for a short time, make your purchases in a way that lasts for longer life. 

If they last for a long time, they may be a little expensive compared to the other range, but they justify their money by being durable and long-lasting. 

You will not need to replace them in a month or so. Certain websites offer you quality products that provide for a longer time. Before buying clothes for yourself, always ask yourself this question. 

  • Keep your apron handy

If you are doing any work that may make your clothes dirty such as gardening, cooking, or washing, always wear an apron to save your clothes from any stain. 

Wear any layer on top of your clothes to keep them clean and tidy. It is a straightforward way to keep your clothes ready for reuse.  

  • Make a simple stitch to mend

Stitching is your go-to option if you have lost a button or go a hole in your pants. A simple stitch can help you save your clothes and save your money too from buying new clothes.  

Many sewing shops are coming up in the UK that you can go to and get your work done. You can also send your clothes to stores that deal in repairing your clothes. 

  • Research

We know that our food comes from the farms, and farmers are our real heroes. Similarly, do your bit of research to know who made your clothes.

You can follow various hangtags on Instagram, such as #imadeyourclothes, to celebrate the talents and skills of artisans and workers who design your wardrobe. 

Some many artisans and workers make your clothes but are not acknowledged and do not get their share of money and support. 

Due to lesser demand, many workers are not able to find a job and remain unemployed. Various lenders offer the guaranteed loans for the unemployed; loans are debts that can only be paid off with a regular source of income. 

Without any source of income, loans can also not help these workers to earn their livelihood. Hence, make an informed decision about your clothes as many people are affected by your choice of clothes. 

  • Remember the Christmas time shopping

If you have the “buy buy” mentality, you can rethink your mentality and strategy. 

Like you make your cards and gift wraps during Christmas and get creative. Similarly, you can knot your own clothes. 

Also, you can use your money to buy from independent shops that need your support to grow in their respective fields.

  • Take positive action

You can take positive steps relating to your fashion and make a difference in people who make your clothes and help you save money. 


Fast fashion is consciously playing with the minds of the people and making them addicted to it. Fast fashion brands are introducing clothes in the market frequently. 

A lot of resources go into the production of these clothes that often. A lot of water resources are too drained in the fast fashion process. 

You have to be aware and make your choices carefully to make a difference in many people’s lives, including yourself.

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