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7 Ways To Layer Your Clothes This Winter

If you thought it was impossible to dress cute and be warm during the winter, then you probably have never heard of layering. Layering is so functional for the winter season, and no, it doesn’t just mean wearing three different coats or two pairs of pants at the same time. Here are some creative, fashionable ways that you can layer your clothing this winter.

1. Wear a belt with your cardigans.

Sometimes, cardigans can look bulky, especially when worn unbuttoned with a t-shirt or tank. To solve this problem, simply wear your cardigans unbuttoned, but with a skinny, high waist belt to contrast the bulkiness. For a casual look, pair this with skinny jeans and ballet flats. For a more professional look, wear it with a tight midi skirt and high heels.

2. Layer your button ups.

This is one of the easiest ways to stay warm in the winter, plus, if styled correctly, it looks super cute! For a basic look, you could layer a tank top with an open plaid flannel and skinny jeans. If you have a dressier occasion, you could layer a tank top with a slightly unbuttoned denim that is tied at the end. Wear it with a high waist mini skirt and ankle boots for a girly, soft look.

3. Layer your sweaters with plaid shirts.

This is such a classy, preppy look. Layer a plaid flannel by tucking the sleeves and collar out, so that it makes a plain sweater look more detailed. Wear this look with straight leg jeans and pumps for a chic, professional outfit that’s totally appropriate for your next big job interview.

4. Layer your socks.

For really cold days, you could wear tights layered with thigh high socks as well as ankle socks. To fit this look, wear combat boots. If you wanted to wear knee high boots, you could wear dress tights and layer the dress tights with leg warmers for a dressier look.

5. Roll your cardigans.

Layer a button up with a cardigan, but roll the sleeves of the cardigan up, and bring the sleeves of the dress shirt up and button them so that they accent the look well. You could choose a button up in a bold color so that you have a nice pop of color.

6. Layer a loose sweater over a loose top.

Wear this look with ripped skinny jeans, pumps, sunglasses, and a chic hand bag or clutch. It’s so cute and simple and is the perfect lazy, daytime Saturday outfit.

7. Layer summer dresses over long sleeve shirts.

This is such a cute, unique outfit that you don’t see very often. It’s even better when you can find a shirt in a special color or pattern, like stripes to give the outfit some personality. Add in a skinny high waist belt, tights, ankle boots, and the look is complete!

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