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5 Most Beautiful And Unique Diamond Jewelry Trends For 2021

2020 was spent sitting at home with no opportunity to replenish your jewelry collection. The fashion runaways are up again, and the jewelry sales have been soaring high. From intricate designs to statement jewelry, diamond has been the talking point. It goes on to prove that next year, bigger may be better.       

Five most beautiful and unique diamond jewelry trends for 2021

Let us see the five most beautiful and unique diamond jewelry trends for 2021 here.

  1. Layered diamond chains

The layered chains were made popular by rap artists in the 90s. Adding a twist to it are the chunky diamond chains that are modern, bold, and make an instant style statement. These chains can be styled atop more casual clothing. Many celebrities opt for the chain-link chokers atop a casual buttoned shirt.

The layered diamond chains are versatile and suit any age, gender, or style. These chunky chains are loud and give the vibe of being cool and having fun. The chain-link styles elevate any look, from simple t-shirts to heavy knits. Ask for your favorite mix and match of diamond chains in your favorite jewelry store in Denver. Let your jewelry collection have some serious hardware.    

1. Diamonds and pearls

The combination of pearls and diamonds has been forever. The royals used the combination of rare pearls and diamonds to make elegant drop earrings or pendants. American style icons like Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Ariana Grande have adorned the gem pairing.

The latest trend in the diamond and pearl pairing is initials or messages like “LOVE” inset with diamonds on the pearls. The diamond hoop earrings with a solitaire pearl on them add romance and dreams. Customize your diamond and pearl set from your favorite Denver jewelers and elevate your style sense in numerous ways.  

2. Marquise-cut diamond engagement rings

The round and the princess cut diamond may be around forever. Many celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham, and Portia de Rossi have opted for marquise-cut diamonds for their engagement rings.

 The classic marquise-cut solitaire diamond exudes simplicity, class, and sophistication. Opt for the marquise-cut diamond engagement ring in Denver if you want to go with the diamond jewelry trend for 2021.     

3. Gender-fluid diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry has always been marketed for and worn by women. If you think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, let us tell you, you may have to set the slogan right. A diamond is everyone’s best friend now. It is a new era with many young male entertainers wearing diamond jewelry in the form of chains, rings, stud earrings, and brooches. Gender-fluid diamond jewelry is not about making better jewelry for men. Many reputed international jewelry brands have launched gender-neutral jewelry lines that are chic, minimalist, and made for everyone.

Gender-free jewelry styles have swept the globe in recent years, and the concept is reclassifying style in the youth. Men are increasingly embracing jewelry like stacking up rings and adorning ears with myriad diamond studs. If you are interested in picking unisex style diamond jewelry, Denver Diamond Source is the shop for you.  

4. Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings

Excessive hoops in yellow gold and white gold are going to be one of the diamond jewelry trends for 2021. From red carpets to runaways, these earrings have gone for a total revamp. 

From big statement diamond hoops to delicate hug hoops, these can be innovative and glamorous. Many jewelry designers are taking liberties with the shape and design, reinventing the hoops.

Concluding statement on unique diamond jewelry trends for 2021

This 2021 is the time to flaunt your diamond jewelry. Bold, edgy, fine, or subtle, your diamond jewelry should be in tune with your mood perfectly.

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