5 Adorable Modern Fashion Looks
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5 Adorable Modern Fashion Looks Inspired By Disney Princesses

As a life long lover of Disney (especially the princesses), I never pass up on an opportunity to experience the magic of Disney. Unfortunately, I know that we all aren’t able to go to the Disney parks every day, but I believe that I have found another, simpler way to bring a little Disney magic to the world every day. By using the colors from the Disney princess movies, I have come up with cute, and stylish modern looks inspired by the classic Disney princesses that we all grew up admiring.

1. Belle

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I loved the scene when Belle is singing in the fields with her pretty, blue dress and perfect ponytail. For a modern Belle look, I have paired a knee-length white polka dot blue dress with a mid sleeve white cardigan and black pointed toe ballet flats. To accessorize, you can carry a book (of course) or, a book purse (even better). Clip a blue bow in the back of your hair, and you’re ready to find out what this provincial life has to offer.

2. Cinderella

I love Cinderella’s sparkling blue dress, but if I’m being really honest, I’d rather not wear an outfit inspired by it, because it is so over done. Instead, I love the idea of creating a modern outfit inspired by Cinderella’s work outfit before she went to the ball. For this look, you’ll pair a teal blue polka dot shirt with a long sleeve brown cardigan, a mustard yellow pleated knee-length skirt, and black ballet flats. To accessorize, put a black bow in your hair and carry a brown shoulder bag. You’re not quite ready for the ball yet, but you’re getting there!

3. Snow White

This outfit might just be my favorite one yet. I fall in love with the colors in Snow White all over again every single time I watch it. I wear a navy blue polka dot short sleeve top with a key hole neckline and bright, yellow knee-length pleated skirt. What other shoes would I wear with this look other than candy apple red ballet flats? To accessorize, I wear a red bow headband and carry a red purse.

4. Aurora

Since Briar Rose is so confused about wearing pink or blue, I decided to gain inspiration from the gray and black dress that she wore when she met Prince Phillip for the first time in the forest. I layered a basic, white collared dress shirt with a long sleeve gray sweater. I wear a gray, pleated mini skirt with black ankle booties and a black messenger bag. To finish accessorizing, I wear a thin, black ribbon headband in my hair.

5. Ariel

Because purple and green are such widely recognized Little Mermaid movie colors, I decided to take a different approach in creating my Ariel inspired outfit. I have always loved the scene in the movie when Ariel and Eric are in the boat about to kiss – I love the dress that she wears! So, I paired a black, shapely tube top with a blue pleated midi skirt. I wear that with a cardigan in a lighter shade of blue and wear black pumps to dress up this look and make it look even more feminine. To top it off, I add a blue bow in the back of my hair.

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