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4 High Fashion Street Looks That You’ll Love

4 High Fashion Street Looks

To the girl who isn’t a fashionista, street fashion may not seem all that special. To a lot of women, street fashion might seem like simply pairing boring pieces of clothing together, when in reality, it is so much more than that. Some of the best things in life are simple, and the same is definitely true of street fashion. Here are four different high fashion street looks that you will absolutely love!

1. The Business Casual Look

Instead of wearing a regular white button-up collared shirt, why not experiment with a deep, white v-neck button up? Tuck the blouse in, then wear it with straight leg, pleated black pants and a matching black dress belt. Find a pair of sassy black pumps, and the main part of the outfit is complete. Now, it’s time to accessorize! Since this outfit is so simple, we can really put a lot of detail and attention into the accessories. I recommend a flashy, gold bracelet, chic black cat eye sunglasses, and a long, skinny black shoulder bag, Since this look is so clean and professional looking, I would only wear it with my hair down or in a ponytail.

2. The Head-To-Toe Black Look

You can never go wrong with wearing black – am I right? It will never stop being a trendy, go-to color when all other options have failed. One of my favorite all-black street fashion looks is black blouse, black button flair jacket with gold accents, ripped black skinny jeans, and black ankle booties. This outfit would look great in the office, the mall, and the coffee shop! To accessorize it, I would of course wear chic black sunglasses, a black pendant necklace, and a large black hand bag. Also, I think that this look would go well with jewelry, such as a brooch or studded earrings.

3. The Ripped Capri Jeans Look

They were popular about 10 years ago, went out of style, and now they are in once more! Today, a common way to wear capri pants is at the low waist with rips and a straight leg. The hem of the pants are often folded over, which gives the outfit an extra detail. With this capri jeans, I would wear a slightly tucked out solid colored button up that was left sloppily unbuttoned at the top to create an effortless look. To accessorize this outfit, I would choose a black leopard clutch, black loafers, and a bold bracelet.

4. The Long, Knit Cardigan Look

I love wearing cardigans, especially in the new, trendy way that they are currently being worn. To start, I pair a black and white striped T-shirt tucked out with low waist straight leg ripped capri pants. I dress the outfit up by wearing a pair of sassy, sandal heels. Finally, I choose a white floor length cardigan and a fedora. My look is finished, and I am ready for a fun day out and about.

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